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The community is open guys!

Ok so the community is finally up! I didn't do anything overly technical with the layout. It is clean and relatively simple, but I think it should be so as not to distract from the pictures in the posts. So have fun and post away everyone! :D

*Note: I also changed the pixel requirements to 350 width (so as not to stretch the entry boxes)*

- That's right 3 championships in 7 years!

- Manu pumping up the crowd.

- Manu as a little boy carrying the flag of Argentina. ;)

- Press conference

- Aww!

- Manu dressed up (consdering he's a t-shirt and jeans guy).

- From an Argentine magazine

- cont. from same magazine

- No need to ask boxers or briefs. ;)

- Manu at a basketball camp in Argentina

- Manu showing his leg

- Yet again

- No need to explain
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