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San Antonio Spurs Daily

SA Spurs Picture Community
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This is a daily picture community for fans of the NBA team the San Antonio Spurs. Posts may be of individual players or group pictures of Spurs players from past and present. This community is meant for light-hearted fun,however, spammers and/or Spurs/Spurs fan-bashers will not be tolerated, so keep that it mind. ;)


1.All posts should include a picture. Pretty self-explanatory.

2. No Hotlinking/Direct linking This means linking pictures directly from a website that isn't yours. Don't steal bandwith, there is really no excuse. Use a free hosting site such as,Photobucket.

3. Use LJ-Cuts for Pix and Posts Please use a lj-cut for pictures larger than 350 pixels wide or for posts containing two or more pictures(so as not to hurt friends pages or community formatting). If you are new to the concept of lj-cuts check this out: LJ-Cut info.

Other than that have fun and... Go Spurs Go!

Community Mod=blackmettalic

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